Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life at our Home

I was thinking that it was about time to let you have a little peek inside our home again. It has been a while since my last installment. I received the kindest most positive messages and emails from you. It meant the world to me to hear from you!
Things are going well. We're as busy as ever keeping up with the kiddos and all their extra activities. On my busiest days I make 6 trips a day running kids around. Yes, they're busy kiddos and that makes for a busy mamma. I've been doing pretty good at keeping up with them. We've gotten into a good routine and I'm learning how to manage my energy and I'm learning when its time to stop.
A couple of weekends ago my brother and his wife came from Nebraska for the weekend. I was SO excited for their visit. They have 2 little girls that I adore and I want to spend all the time with them that I can. We had a wonderful weekend! The weather was beautiful. We didn't do anything very exciting. Mostly just hanging out at my moms house visiting and playing with the kids. It was fun to have all the cousins together. They spent hours and hours playing in the sandbox at my parents house. The kids (and my parents house) were constantly covered in sand.

 I had my infusion treatment a couple of weeks before they came (around the first of October) and I worked really hard the week prior to get my blogging/scrapbooking work caught up so I could have the whole weekend to spend with my family (I over did it and got a little tired). Then the weekend of their stay came and we hit the ground running I was up too early and stayed up too late for a few days and didn't follow my diet as closely as I should have (I over did it and got a lot tired). As a result, I got run down which left me vulnerable for infections. On the day they left I came down with a case of the shingles. I went to urgent care and got the treatments I needed and pretty much spent the rest of the next week in bed. Not only was I hurting but I was exhausted too! Luckily, I recovered quickly and I'm almost back to normal...almost. I'm back to running the kids and playing a little bit of catch-up as far as my creative projects go.
While I was recovering I spent way too much time watching Netflix and not enough time reading. I did finish one book though, (Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker) I really liked it. It was an interesting perspective on the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. The next book I'm reading is The Last Letter from your Lover by Jo Jo Moyes. I adore Jo Jo Moyes. She's one of my most recent favorite authors. I'm going to try to spend more time reading and less time on Netflix in the future...(please, ignore the fact that as I type this I'm watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, yep, on Netflix). I can't read and type at the same time.
While I was recovering (toward the end when I was feeling a little better) I decided to create a few scrapbook pages...just for fun. I don't remember the last time I created a project just for fun using the products and theme that I wanted too. It felt so good! I'm going to make it a priority to do that more often. Here's one of the projects I created. I used lots of brand new goodies from the Paper Issues store. This project primarily came from the Gramercy Road line from Gossamer Blue and the Crate Paper Open Book collection by Maggie Holmes. I think these collections are adorable! I loved working with them It's a different color palette than I usually use but it was fun to do something a little bit different.
 Last Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 14th anniversary. I took a quick picture of us and made a collage and added it to this layout. I actually scrapbooked this page on our anniversary. 
 We looked like a couple of teenagers when we got married (we weren't though). I can't believe it's been 14 years. I'm so lucky to have such a great guy that is so supportive and takes such great care of me.
Looking forward I have some fun projects that I think you'll love, lots and lots of holiday projects. I'm excited about a project I'm working on with Christmas cards. I can't wait to share it with you. I'm thinking we'll spend a whole week talking about Christmas cards. I love me some Christmas cards! I do have a few questions for you regarding Christmas cards...

  1. Do you send out Christmas cards?
  2. If you do send out Christmas cards do you make them yourself or do you buy them premade?
  3. If you send out Christmas Cards do you include a photo(s)?

If you could let me know in the comments below that will help me to pull all my projects together in a way that I know you'll love!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inspired by Pinterest

Pinterest has taken the crafty world by storm and that's no different for the scrapbooking world. I could spend hours and hours pinning beautiful layouts, mini albums, and cards...oh wait, I do! As of today I have 2,021 on my scrapbooking Pinterest board. That number grows almost daily. Pinterest is a great tool for finding and organizing great ideas! It's also a great tool so that you can find out what your preferences/style are. For example if you look back at your Pinterest scrapbooking board and see that 90% of the layouts that you've pinned have a white background, you may want to start your next project with a white background. The same thing can be said for many different things: the number of photos on a page, a color scheme that you see repeatedly, or the placement of embellishments.
Recently, I was scrolling through my Pinterest board looking at what projects had been repinned the most. I was shocked to find that one of the layouts that I had pinned has been repinned 1,484 times (as of when I'm writing this post). None of my other scrapbooking pins can even come close to that number.

This layout was created by Libby Pritchett. I think that she's a digital scrapbooking designer. I decided that I would recreate this layout using my own supplies and my own style. There are a few things about this layout that made me think that I would not like the end result of my project. The first thing I noticed was that the photos were cut unto shapes. I rarely, if ever, cut my photos into shapes. If I do cut my photos into shapes its a square or a circle, that's it. When I was creating this layout I even thought about trying to rework the design a little bit so I could avoid cutting my photos but the further I got into the project I decided that I would stick with the original design. I cut my photos into a pendant shape *gasp* and I LOVED how it turned out *even bigger gasp*
 I used the Bella Blvd Family Forever Collection. I adore this collection. I find myself reaching for it all the time.

 And here's the final project:
I did a couple of things differently on my project. I added a border sticker toward the bottom of the page. It felt a little more 'balanced' to me with the sticker at the bottom. I also didn't use as many photos on my project. I wanted it to be about my kiddos and I have three kiddos so naturally I have three photos on my layout.
I gave this basic idea a second try using the same concept but switching things up a bit. I came up with this last night:
 This layout is a combination mainly of 2 collections (Gramercy Road by Gossamer Blue and Crate Paper's Open Book collection).

 Have you ever scraplifted a layout you found on Pinterest? This is the first time I've done it and I love the results, you should give it a try!